Little Paper Planes debuts Uniforma, our first collection of products designed in-house in partnership with US craftspeople. LPP is known for offering art prints and ephemera from emerging artists since 2004. The Uniforma Collection highlights the intersection of art and design by creating elegant functional objects with an emphasis on craftsmanship, collaboration and local manufacturing.

As an artist run business, LPP wants to offer objects we feel a kinship with, things we want to wear and use every day. These essentials make up our "uniform." Uniforma's first collection is an art pouch, camera strap and wallet for the artist in all of us.

Uniforma is our everyday uniform, they are the things we wear, carry, and use. Uniforma is curious, stylish, and simple. We value form paired with function, design as collaboration, and supporting small and local artists.

We are located in Oakland, California. Our products are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

Uniforma was created during a Gchat conversation between Kelly Lynn Jones (director of LPP and designer of Uniforma) and Cortney Cassidy (LPP family) when Kelly was talking about how she just wanted to make her everyday uniform in response to picking out one outfit to wear each week. She by accident typed an "a" after "uniform" and it just stuck.